Domestic Slate / Tile Roofing

We are Dublin's leading Slate Roof Contractors and the roofing experts when it comes to Slate roof repair and Tile roof repair and installation to your home. We guarantee all our work and only use the highest quality material.

With over 25 years experience working with Slate roofing and Tile roofing systems we understand the architectural weak spots in all flat roofs not to mention other roofs! We are happy to discuss any repair work to your roof including any house extensions etc and are experts in retrofitting and matching existing Slate and Tile Roofing.

  • Professional slate roof repairs.
  • Valley and hip gutters relining.
  • Timber cut roof solutions.
  • Rafters braced and jacked back into place once repaired.
  • Natural slates e.g. Blue Bangor, Canadian Heather, Spanish and Brazillian Slates.
  • Nova Black slates
  • Fibre Cement, Tegral Trutone 20 year colour slates guarantee and the natural effect Rivendale Slate which is the best. These slates come in three colours – Black, Blue/Black (Grafite) and Heather (Blue Bangor Slate Colour).
  • We have qualified scaffolder’s in our team and we are experienced slate roof contractors
  • Gutter, fascia and soffit repairs and replacement.

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